Farsi Language Bible software

Thanks to the help of CrossWire Bible Society, United Bible Societies, Elam Publishing, International Bible Society, Glasgow Iranian Church and many others, you will find on this CD programmes and material for Windows PCs, Apple computers and Java mobile phones. Use them to God's glory!

Study material on this CD

All modules above are distributed either as public domain texts or with the copyright owners's permission. For more exact copyright and (re)distribution information please look inside the module at the usual place

Some of these modules are still in a testing stage. If you want to check them out download them and unzip them in your module directory. But don't whinge if they destroy your computer or burn your house down. You were warned :-).

Apart from the modules on this CD you can install all of CrossWire's Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries etc via the internet. To do so use the module installer which is in all programmes included.